Bay Ridge is a new Park Slope

Bay Ridge is a new Park Slope

Ever since Park Slope became a little overrated families started to search for a slightly cheaper paradise. No really, a decent one bedroom apartment starting from $3000 is a little too much, no?

Anyways, when you have a child, there are a few mandatory things you’re be looking for in your perfect neighbourhood. 

1. A park


Of course, Prospect Park is a perfect solution. Huge piece of almost untouched wild right in the middle of the City. But, there are a couple of other places, that remained unnoticed till recently.

Dyker Beach Park.

Not nearly that enormous as Prospect Park. But big enough to fit a golf club, couple of amazing playgrounds, a football field, soccer field, tennis courts, bocce courts, a dog park and lovely waterfront promenade.

Playgrounds are incredibly clean and almost empty. That is surprising actually. Because if you try to remember any playground in the Prospect Park – overcrowded almost all the time. 

A coffee shop with a play area for kids

The Coop. It was opened this year and is still quite fresh. This place features a small indoor and outdoor space for kids. With my dream (what? A girl can dream) wooden kitchen and a lot of lovely and clean toys! 

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The food is all organic and freshly cooked. They recently got their alcohol licence. So you can peacefully sip mimosas while your little one is safely occupied playing with other kiddos. 

A great school

And there it is. The Poly Prep is one school buy adderall online with two beautiful campuses that each provide an urban oasis right here in Brooklyn. No really.  It looks more like a beautiful petting zoo, than a school. Well kept lawns, lakes with geese and ducks walking around carefree. Poly is aiming not only to educate mind, body and character, but to raise ecological awareness of their students. 

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Low crime rate 

According to 

The crime rate in Bay Ridge is among the lowest in New York. Which is definitely something to admire. 

bay ridge new park slope



Bay Ridge has a strong History. Families been living here for generations. People in this neighbourhood are house owners mostly. Which gives a certain understanding that it’s largely middle-class neighbourhood. Until the early 1990s Bay Ridge was a primarily IrishItalian, and Norwegian. Even now it still remains quite more European, than other parts of Brooklyn. 

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Great food

And when I say great food with Italians and Norwegians being mentioned earlier, make no mistake – this means FABULOUS food. 

Almost every place is amazing. But we’ll share a few just in case you would want to come and check the hood. 

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Anopoli Ice Cream Parlor & Family Restaurant

6920 Third Avenue

Fingerpicking old fashioned kids friendly ice cream shop. 


8530 Third Avenue

According to locals this place might be serving the best Italian food in Brooklyn. Well, it’s definitely delicious. But don’t take our word for it, go and check it out. 

Mike’s Donuts & Coffee
6822 Fifth Avenue

Definitely less hip than the famous Dough. But this place has some history. Serving handcrafted doughnuts since 1976. 

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