Attention Brooklynites! Awesome coffee spot detected!

Attention Brooklynites! Awesome coffee spot detected!

Realtors say, that Brooklyn is going to continue to develop and expand. Brooklyn is new Manhattan, they say. Well, It’s not like we can, actually feel it yet. Just take a ride on a D-estiny train and you’ll see what we mean. Yeah, the name Destiny train was invented by one of my Manhattanite friends. Right, Doris?

Anyways, some things are changing.

More and more good coffee spots and nice funky pastry shops are popping up in truly unexpected neighborhoods. Which means that more and more young people prefer to spend time in their neighborhoods rather than traveling to Downtown Brooklyn or all the way up to Manhattan. This xanax bars sale online means that the next thing to be appearing are art galleries and exhibitions. If we think about it this way, then trendy coffee shops are, actually, developing cultural aspect of community.


Today’s special is CHOCOLATTE

Why are we featuring CHOCOLATTE?

  • widest selection of non diary milk I’ve ever seen in New York
  • really fresh pastry!
  • the dough is imported directly from Israel (no jokes, guys) Now this is what I call real responsibility!
  • own brand of coffee. It’s time to finally forget Starbucks, guys!

Multiple locations in Brooklyn.

  • Crown Heights: 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213
  • Midwood: 1354 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
  • Flatbush: 1901 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11223


Main photo Nolan Isaac

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