Attention! Best Baby carrier according to BYOBfit

Finding the ultimate baby carrier was relatively impossible. There is always something too bulky, too complicated or very uncomfortable.
The game changed when we met Missy and Anja from BYOBfit, New York’s most popular fitness classes for mothers and fathers. Well, if the carrier can take all this and keep your baby asleep safe and sound. It’s going to be just perfect for your everyday routine.

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BYOBfit are revolutionary innovative baby wearing fitness classes, created for busy new moms.
Girls! This is a life changer! There is no more excuses! 

Presenting the best baby carrier, that can keep your baby safe and cozy, your back healthy and fit.

BabyBjorn One

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Why BabyBjorn One?

We asked Missy and Anja a few questions.

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Comfort and Safety are above all. The session is 50 min long, which means that the carrier has to be comfortable for both baby and mommy and it needs to meet all the current safety standards. Tell us why this carrier is more comfy than the others you tried.
We have found that the BabyBjorn “One” carrier is the best babycarrier for our classes because not only is it extremely sturdy and durable, it is also easy to wear and does not create any discomfort for neither us nor our babies whatsoever. We also love the simple, stream-line look of this carrier since we like to portray an athletic feel.
Durable. It’s important that the carrier won’t break and let you down during the activity.
We put our carriers to heavy use during our classes and all the exercises we do, so for us it is obviously extremely important that the durability we need is provided. The Babybjorn “One” carrier has been amazing to us and there was never a moment where we felt like this carrier was not up to our high standards.

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Constantly improving. Write a few words about the improvements that the brand is making to fit your needs.

We have been in constant communication with Babybjorn about our experiences with their carriers. One of our findings was that the zippers on the bottom of our older models would sometimes become loose during our classes. We just received the newest version of the “One” carrier (in fashionable denim blue btw), which infact provides a much stabler and seal-able zipper! This improvement completely eliminated our previous concerns about the carrier and makes exercising with our babies that much better! We simply love a company like Babybjorn that truly listens to all moms out there who are using their products on a daily basis. We love the fact that they not only listen but they also do make the changes necessary in order to continuously improve their products. This is certainly a company we are proud to have aligned with.

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