A new pop-up space for kids, that just ROCK!

Before I reveal the secret place, I want to mention a few words about the Children’s museum of Manhattan and it’s amazing workers.
Guys, you really rock! Easygoing, open, nice and very polite.

P.S. If you ever call to CMOM (cool abbreviation, huh?), the guy with the nice voice is Ray. When he talks it feels like sugar, spice and everything nice at once.

Back to the meat.

If you happen to love rock’n’roll as much as I do & have kids (which you definitely do have, if you are reading this blog), then visiting an marvelous new Frolic! space in Children’s Museum of Manhattan is a must!

It will literally ROCK you!


It’s specially created for the youngest. Ages 0-5 are more than welcome to check it.

To start with, this is, probably, the best place to introduce music to your little one. The space is packed with iconic features of most popular bands. 1970’s Volkswagen minivan, tongue slide…

I fell in love with baby sensory music mixer. 

vscocam-photo-1 vscocam-photo-4

And the most important thing is, that kids and babies LOVE it! Before I visited Frolic! My only xanax online buy fioricet online india hope to introduce music to Avi was “classical baby”, which is awesome and cool, but too classical. This place is different.

And also I met a new friend Ruben.


Ruben just turned 1.

He was one of the youngest participants of the interactive show. Except of those cuties in carriers on their mammas.
Ruben is fearless (and very fast, as you can see from the picture), curious explorer. Nothing can stop Ruben. He definitely thinks, that he is way older than he is.


He has an older brother Nathan, who, probably, is the reason of this behavior.
When older children were having fun with incredible program, Ruben was just buy clomid boots pharmacy crawling around and having cool time observing and listening.

While other little beggars were chilling with their mommies.

vscocam-photo-2 vscocam-photo-3

Frolic! is the place to come over and over again.

Luckily, they sell memberships! Which will give you unlimited access to all play spaces.

In celebration of Frolic! it’s $149 only! Dreams come true!

I must say, this place is so good, that it can be added to the list of reasons to raise your child in New York.

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