A must visit NYC attraction

After a year and a half in New York I finally visited The Statue of Liberty! A must see attraction and obviously the symbol of The Big Apple. Is it a tradition, that any person who moves to New York never rushes to see the Lady Liberty?

Should I say about expectations that I had?

Lady Liberty itself is kind of tiny. Seriously. But unexplainably inspiring. It made me so curious. Can you imagine how many people saw this iron copper woman for the first time when they arrived to New York after months of back braking journey. It feels like the statue is literally made of all those hopes, expectations and every kind of emotions. Yes, it’s kind of little, but very concentrated. Very intense.


But the best part of the trip is The Ellis Island. The ELLIS ISLAND NATIONAL MUSEUM OF IMMIGRATION is a breathtaking experience. The French Renaissance Revival structure of the Main Building is the former immigration station complex. The exhibition is created in the way, that you enter the building and make the same road 12 millions of immigrants made. While you walk the steps, that will take you to the main hall, you can feel that every single stair is soaked with fear of the unknown. Yet, it is all about every shade of hope. When you go through the photos, documents (which you are welcome to surf at the passenger search) and memories of the people who came through this gate to the new world, you get to truly understand the most incredible and powerful human emotion – hope.

IMG_0159Standing in the main hall, where fates of millions of people were decided by other people that were tarred with the same brush, made me so emotional. Well, who knows, I might have been here in my other life.

If you are not a museums fan, you should still go and see, probably, the best view on the island of Manhattan. Seriously, it’s captivating!


But, don’t take my word for it, go and check it yourself.

P.S. It’s so strange how Manhattan looks better from afar. 😉

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