9 lives, 1 cat and Kevin Spacey

Let’s be true. If you put a cat into a video – it’s a 100% success. And if you add Kevin Spacey. And top it all with flawless, funny and adorable Jennifer Garner.

It’s like sugar, spice and everything nice.

There is no way this movie isn’t going to be loved!

Perfect for a father-daughter date!

Every girl will be instantly in love with the cute fluffy Fuzzypants.

Let’s make it clear. The critics might not really like it, but kids are going to love it.

The message is clear. It’s kind and adorable. No complicated acting, the story is simple.

So, sorry Rotten Tomatoes. No matter how hard you’ll try, this movie will be bothering us for a while now.

What did we like about the movie?

At first sight it appears like a classic ex wife – new wife situation. But as the story develops, you notice how untypical this family is. And how there is no judgement. The ex wife is friends with current wife.

That’s what we loved about the movie.

There is no cliche. Well, at least in this particular part.

Go get the tickets to 9 lives. Let your kids and their dads have some quality time.

While you can go enjoy a SPA day.

9 lives, 1 cat and Kevin Spacey

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