6 smashing reasons to love NYC subway

First of all, New Yorkers never say Underground. It’s subway all the way. May be because it’s not actually under ground all the time. Sometimes it’s above the ground.

Anyways, if you live in New York, whether you like it or not – you go down use subway.

Comparing to all the places I’ve been, local subway is the weirdest. Being overcrowded and overpopulated Manhattan offers it’s inhabitants multiple choices of transportation. But metro still remains the fastest among all of the affordable ways. I mean, you are always welcome to use a helicopter, of course. But if you need to get fast from UES to SoHo for lunch, you’d better give up that helicopter idea and pay $2.75 for a fun ride on the green line.

No matter how dirty and crazy it is, we, New Yorkers, love it. And here is why!

  1. It really is the fastest way to get almost anywhere you want. Unless you are planning to ride from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn to Jamaica in Queens. In That case, you are going to have a ride through all 9 circles of hell.
  2.  Musicians. All of them are remarkably talented and exceptionally amazing. Well, except that guy with the drums on Columbus Circle. He melts my brain…
  3. You can meet almost anybody there. Billionaires and movie stars. For example, I met Tom Hanks just few weeks ago.subwaythankstime
  4. It’s, probably, the best place to find yourself a better half. No, no, I’m not joking. First of all the variety is huge! And just imagine you have, say, 15 minutes to talk and spot the sparks. Oh, and exchange numbers Snapchat names. It’s perfect!
  5. Art. Famed pop artist Roy Lichtenstein has a piece in the NYC subway system. 6 smashing reasons to love NYC subway
  6. History. Michael Jackson filmed the music video for “Bad” on the abandoned platforms of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop.




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