5 reasons to love NYC

New York is an amazing city! Like I need to remind you?

But sometimes, it just can become too loud, too cold, too hot, too expensive… simply TOO MUCH!

So here we are to remind you once again why you still love this city and live here!

  1. Amazing from any point of view. It doesn’t matter where from you look at NYC, it’s amazing from any point of view! 5 reasons to love NYC
  2. You can eat practically anything any time of the day. And get it delivered to your door. Especially if it’s pizza. New york, actually, has the best pizza in the world. Sorry italians! 5 reasons to love NYC
  3. New York subway runs 24/7 365 days a year! And it’s the fastest way to get from uptown to downtown! Though, you can get delayed by the train traffic, NYPD investigation or track fire! But it’s going to be pretty fast anyway!
  4. New Yorkers are one of the most stylish people in the world. What can I add? Pratt and Parsons are here. Should I mention the NYFW? 5 reasons to love NYC
  5. City art! It’s simply amazing! I’ll just post some pics of it here! By the way, there is a whole website about it! 5 reasons to love NYC

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