5 reasons to raise your child in New York

5 reasons to raise your child in New York.

#1. New york is a modern Babylon.

There is even no particular accent. Like in Moscow for example.

People speak the most simple English you can possibly imagine. For sure it depends on district you live in, but most likely some of your neighbors will speak Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Isn’t it a great opportunity to save some money on language instructor?

#2. You can find anything in New York.

I mean it. Anything! Especially when it comes to food. There is no need to go to Italy to taste Italian icecream. No need to go to Beijing to try the famous duck. Spanish, Mexican, Indian, French, Turkish… Any cuisine you can only imagine. All in one city.

#3. New York’s museums, oceanarium and zoos.

The Bronx zoo – is something unbelievable! Coney Island oceanarium – a must visit. American museum of natural history deserves a separate post. And all those numerous parks. This city is total amusement.

#4. Ocean.

What more to say? It’s just spectacular, it’s healthy, it’s fun.

#5. Should I mention one of the best schools in the world?

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