5 reasons NYC moms are most stylish moms in the world

5 reasons NYC moms are most stylish moms in the world.

Have you ever thought why New York moms are one of the stylish moms in the world? Oh c’mon. We are. That’s true.

Of course there is always Paris with it’s exquisite taste and impossibly slim women. And Milan with it’s Quadrilatero della Moda. But no one will dare to wear heeled sandals during the snow storm, just because they were bought specifically for this particular dress, that has to be worn today, to attend this particular event. Even if it’s almost 10F degrees outside. Or a flip flops, because she doesn’t want to spoil her fresh pedi. No one, except for the New York Mom.

Don’t get the wrong impression. We are not crazy fashion victims. We are Fashion. (You’ve herd this on before, didn’t you?).

I bet, you asked yourself a thousand times:

What makes us so fashionable?

5 reasons NYC moms are most stylish moms in the world

1. We have all the labels of the world affordable, available and buyable!

And any item can den be delivered. In case you can’t afford a full price, you can always get a discount or buy it on Sale. Or even check out one of numerous NYC thrift shops. Where you can get designer clothes at reasonable prices.

2. We have all the beauty services of the world

Due to diversity of ethnicity of NYC’s inhabitants, the city can offer you practically everything. Starting with basic European SPA and ending with somewhat extreme Chinese medicine.

 3. We have co-working spaces made for moms and kids

Yes. We do.

So you are a young mom entrepreneur. You need a free time to work and someone to take care of your kids, but you can’t afford a nanny? Problem solved for you. Just come.

4. We have workout classes for moms with kids and infants

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Hard to find an excuse, huh? That’s why we look do damn fit and sexy even holding our 3 month old 3-rd baby.

5. We outsource our chores

We don’t do laundry. We have services that can do it for us. So we can spend more time with our families.

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