5 magical pass-times for snowy weekend

5 magical pass-times for snowy weekend

So the accuweather says, that major storm is coming to NYC. 

It’s not that I don’t trust them, but I have some reasonable doubts. 

I still remember those Manolos ruined by accidental rain. It hurts so much. I still can’t replace that empty place in my heart closet. 

So should we trust them? 

Who knows. 

But just in case

5 top activities for snowy weekend. 

1. Make that snowman finally! We’ve been waiting far too long to make it real this winter. 12545299_220175038321372_631651501_n

Photo credit laurinka_valinka

2. Snowballs wars. Take it seriously this time. Take kids for a real adventure to the nearest park. Team up with other families and conquer! Don’t forget some hot chocolate and marshmallows. 


Photo credit tayleramua

3. Go Ice skating. Do that. You’ll survive. Check out most of New York’s ice skating rinks here!


4. Go snow painting! Sounds incredible right? And the most incredible thing is – NO MESS to clean up! God, this can be my fav pass-time.


Photo credit mokasins

5. Go sledding! The most incredible thing about sledding – you don’t really need any skills. It’s so easy, that everybody can do it! If you don’t have sleds, go to the nearest home depot!


Photo credit littlekinderwarriors.com

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