5 fabulous places for mom’s night out!

Motherhood is tough. Sometimes you just need a timeout. Some time out! Well ok, a lot of time out.

And a lot of wine. And friends. And music.

And champagne.

5 fabulous places for mom's night out!

As we (moms) don’t really have much opportunities to chill out, when the time comes – it has to be in style!

So all of a sudden your hubby decided to stay at home and let you go for a mom’s night out. You have to be prepared and have a short list of fab places, that will be just right.

1. Joli Beauty Bar

Small yet cozy. Joli provides you with all the essentials. Hair, makeup and compliments. You can book the whole place and bring your own drinks and snacks. Champagne!!! Yay!

2. Aria wine bar!

If it’s vital for you to drink really good wine – this place is just for you. Plus the food is exceptional. Simple and delicious. 

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3. Lips

What girl’s night out can be possible without a Drag party! Damn, those Drag queens have bodies nicer than mine… That’s all because no one forced them to carry 15-30 extra pounds for 9 months…

5 fabulous places for mom's night out!

4. Bar Pitti

On of the best italian food restaurants in NYC. Became pretty famous because of the high attendance of celebs. You bet. They are people too. Everybody loves simple and friendly italian cuisine!

5. Beauty & Essex

I can go on and on about this fancy restaurant and incredible food they serve. But the most important feature is – champagne in the ladies room.

You’ll love it!

5 fabulous places for mom's night out!

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