5 Brooklyn coffee shops you can’t miss

Brooklyn is known for everything underground and arty. And cheap

But when it comes to coffee! Brooklyn really knows how to roast, brew and mix it.

It’s time to give up that gross coffee-like drink from your corner deli. I mean it.

Well why not? You’ve tried some exotic Thai-something and even eaten in a dark room. New York has lot’s to offer. Deli coffee needs to go. For good.

Let’s indulge ourselves.


232 Metropolitan Ave

Definitely try their avocado toast. By the way, it’s not just coffee shop. Like almost everything else in Williamsburg – it’s a design studio.

2. Gorilla Coffee

97 5th Avenue (corner of Park Place)

Independent Brooklyn roasting company, which happens to know what macchiato actually is. One of my fav places in Park Slope.


3. Little Skips

941 Willoughby Ave

Apart from truly delicious Counter Culture coffee, you can enjoy some of their absolutely exquisite sandwiches. Goat cheese, smoked salmon and avocado combined in a perfect symphony to create my best breakfast ever!


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4. Sit & Wonder

688 Washington Avenue

Or should I say, sit and enjoy? A wonderful outdoor space finished in minimalistic design and filled with potted plants has an extremely relaxing effect on people.


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5. Cafe Pedlar

210 Court St

Among of my most favourite place in Brooklyn. The atmosphere, the street, the crowd. Everything seems to be just right. Make sure you enjoy the olive oil cake. Well, in case you make it in time though. It’s so delicious, it’s gone almost instantly.

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Main photo credit Jordan Whitt

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