4 things that will change when you move

And so we moved…

1. You get rid of things

With the lapse of time our homes become overwhelmed with things. And it’s so hard to part with them. Almost impossible, actually.

I came to New York with one tiny (well, not really tiny. I mean, I had to take my Valentino and Prada with me. It’s not safe to leave them alone) suitcase.

And you know what? I don’t even remember what I left behind. Whole apartment of useless stuff. It seemed do important when I lived there.

2. You become more easygoing.

Everybody who knew me before we moved, would say that I’m 100 % introvert. It was so hard for me to make new friends. I was always busy in my atelier and had no time. At least I really thought I had no time.

But when you change the country, you have plenty of time. You are free and open. You start to be interested in other people’s stories. You really learn to listen. And what friendship is about? About an ability to listen.


3. You start to cherish your family. Because home is where your dearest people are.

It’s not a question of a physical house or an apartment. To feel the warmth of your home, you just need to learn to value your beloved. And when you find yourself in a completely new environment, you start to strengthen your conniption with your family.



4. You stop seeing restrictions.

You packed your suitcase, bought a one way ticket and left. There is nothing impossible to you after that! You can do anything! And finally you start to realize it.


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