4 reasons to hate New York City

New York is definitely a popular destination. Millions of people come here each year. And some of them decide to stay.

Driven by burning desire to fulfill their dreams. But this city can be rough. It simply can’t meet all of our expectations.

If you made up your mind, packed your bags and got tickets – can’t wait to meet you here, but if you are still thinking – here are 4 reasons, that will make you reconsider your decision to move to The Big Apple.

  1. Crime rate. Even though New York policemen are extremely educated, hardworking and polite crime rate in all boroughs is still pretty high. The city is overfilled with tourists and immigrants, who appear to be an easy target for pickpockets and con artists. I’m not going to overwhelm you with statistics. But in 2 years I’ve been a whiteness to 2 robberies, 1 skirmish and 2 carjacking attempts. And our own bicycle was stolen right from our building. nycrime-0
  2. Pollution level. Yes, we have electro cars and electronic cigarettes, but it’s almost impossible to breath in New York. You can check the real time pollution level online130912-new-york-pollution
  3. Trash on the streets. Garbage is getting picked up from the streets in New York. That means that it is usually dumped just in the middle of the sidewalk. And it is picked up once a week. Which means that it just seats there for a few days. Disgusting. But this is our reality. 13garbage-cityroom-superJumbo
  4. Everything is SO LOUD! Everywhere! Well, unless you move to Connecticut. Police, firefighters and ambulances. Everyday. Few times a day. It never end! It seems like all New Yorkers do is get sick, arrange fires and do crime.

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