4 classical places in NYC every tourist should visit

NYC is incredible. Nothing new here.

It is a separate live organism, that develops and evolves so fast, that it’s almost impossible for a tourist to explore all of it’s beauty.

But, there are timeless things. It seems like the City is spinning all around them. Changing, growing, rushing. Yet they remain the same.

These 4 places are a must see for every person visiting the Big Apple.

1. Central Park

Obviously, you won’t miss it.

But it’s all about how you will enjoy it. If you want to avoid tourists (and you do), rent a citybike and head to the park shortly after 6am. Yes, right. I mean it. Plus, you are probably having a jetlag anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Grimaldi’s pizza

First of all, there is no such thing as NYC’s best pizza. We have so many fingerlicking pizza places, that we can never decide which one is the best. But we can definitely name you the top 5. Di Fara’s, John’s and Lombardi’s are among them.

Grimaldi’s is located right under the Brooklyn bridge. Which you would have to cross. And this is just one more location, you don;t want to miss. Enjoy the view!

3. West Village

You want to see how New York looked in 19 century? Head to the West Village. With it’s untouched brownstones and cobblestone streets. Don’t try to puzzle out the geography. I still can’t get how West 4th Street intersects with West 10th street. Just wonder around and enjoy the views. Treat yourself with a sweet delight in countless coffee shops and cafes.

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4. Empire State Building

By now, you have probably already planned your visit to ESB.

Prepare yourself to wait in line. You are not going to be the only one who wants to enjoy the breathtaking view from 86 floor.

Buy your tickets online and come early.

For an extra $20 you can enjoy the view from smaller observation deck on the 102 floor.

And for double price you can skip the lines.


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