4 annoying sounds of New York

4 annoying sounds of New York. 
That new yorkers totally ignore!

And even enjoy.

Have you ever heard of calm and quiet night in New York? It a city legend. A Myth. New York’s nights are as loud as Broadway musicals.

1. Heating system sounds.

Like something is constantly boiling. It’s even creepy.

2. Planes.

Sky above New York is as crowded as fancy restaurant lunch time. If buy zantac in bulk you look up in the sky right now, most likely you will see at least one plane.

3. Firefighters and ambulance alarms.

Especially at night. Seriously, it seems like everybody is sick in this city.

4. Upstairs neighbors.

Ceilings in buildings are so thin, that you can hear your neighbors snoring. And if they are having a party… or sex… OR CHILDREN.
There is actually no privacy, if you live in the apartment. You will know everything about people next door.

Strange thing, new yorkers seem to be absolutely fine with all this tune the old cow died of. Even more, if they leave the Big Apple, they start to miss it’s sounds.


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