4 amazing myths about New York

Do you remember that fabulous photo of Marilyn in white dress?

You sure do! Everybody does.

But have you heard that they, actually, used a big fan to film this episode?

They say, that the wind, created by passing trains wasn’t enough to blew the skirt up.

You know what?

It’s so UNTRUE!



It’s more than enough wind.

At least you can catch some wind near the Brooklyn Battery tunnel ventilation.



Pic from here

This place is also known, because the Man in black was filmed here.

Myth #2

By the way, about filmmaking. If you have never been to New buy accutane canada York, but seen a lot of movies about it, you may have the impression, that there is only Manhattan and a little part of hipster Brooklyn. That’s myths number 2. Or if something takes place in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge just has to be on the picture. Don’t let them fool you. New York is much more, than just Manhattan.

Film makers have really no shame. In films everything is down the corner from everything else. They literally cut a few blocks (or even more).

Myth #3.

Everybody in the upper East Side walk around wearing diamonds, fur and all covered with brand labels from the bottom to the top.

Well, most likely you’ll meet people wearing sweatpants and sneakers, heading to the nearest Starbucks. No fur, no diamonds.


Pic from here.

Myth #4.

Rich people only take limo to travel from one part of Manhattan to another. Really? Have you ever seen how much traffic there is in New York daytime? If you need to get, say, from Columbus circle to Upper East Side, you’d better use subway. And that’s what they do. Or a cab.

Pic from here.



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