3 reasons New Yorkers are loneliest people in the world

After Hollywood produced al those romantic movies about New York, featuring first dates on Empire state building and long walks in the Central Park, it’s hard to believe, that it is, probably, the loneliest place in the world. Statistically there are more single people in Manhattan, than in any other megapolis in the whole world!

As our favorite Carrie Bradshaw said:

Women come to New York for the two L’s: Labels and Love.

3 reasons New Yorkers are loneliest people in the world

But what she didn’t mention is – you should bring your own “Love” with you. You will definitely find Labels here, though! A lot! You might even fall in love with labels.

But how come the most romantic city in the world (sorry, Paris) is so damn lonely?

Here are 3 reasons why!

1. Distance.

Say, you live in Dumbo and your love lives on UWS, you can kiss this relationship good bye! The commute will kill all the romance in you. Picture yourself in a subway car for at least 40 extra minutes per day. Lovely.

2. Job, work, career.

So, you have found a amazing person you almost fell in love with. Everything was perfect… until you realized, that he/she is 40 and has never been in serious relationship before, because he/she is already married to his career. On certain point New Yorkers become so desperate and simply give up on finding a better half. Thus, they just dedicate all their time to their work. And when the time finally comes and you find the right person, the habit of being married to your career is so strong, that it’s almost impossible to break it.

3. The variety and the option of better choice.

The Big Apple offers you an astonishing variety of choice. So huge, that you constantly get the sensation, that you can do better. New Yorkers are always on the look for 3 better things: better apartment, better job, better half significant other.

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