3 reasons you should move to better neighborhood

They say that New York is one of the best cities in the world. Well, haven’t they seen Chinatown? Or Harlem? No offense guys!

Anyways. We get used to our houses, shops, playgrounds, garbage, sounds… We love our cities. We learn to live with all that.

Well, you know, we got stabilized rent, low maintenance, parking place, nice next door neighbor, that babysits our kids occasionally. Every time we just think about moving, we imagine, how many things we’d have to rearrange and build from scratch again.

Community means a lot. But, that’s exactly the point. Environment means a lot. This is why we might consider moving.

1.  It might be actually cheaper

Let’s imagine, you have kids that are about to go to school. Public school is not an option in your neighborhood and you are doomed to consider pricy private schools. How much you’re going to pay? At least $1000 a month? And if you have 3 kids?

But what if you just just moved to a neighborhood that has better public schools? Adding, say, $1000 to your monthly rent would be cheaper than spending $3000 on private school for your kids.

2. You can get rid of a car

How much money you spend on your car each month? Parking place and stuff. Well, if you are going to have everything in walking distance and an express train right to your working place, why would you need a car?

3. Environment molds our future

We’ve heard that before. A few times maybe. Ok, a lot of times. But it, actually, is true. We are putting a lot of expectations in out kid’s future. But how can you expect your child to get straight A’s and go to Harvard if his friends are highjacking cars? Of course we’re exaggerating a bit. But, well, you know how it happens. 

Main photo by Charles L

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