3 more things to love about New York

Now. There are thousands of things, that I love about this city.

Like starbucks. Though, I know, sometimes coffee is very bad. And all that fancy drinks full of sugar. But free wifi, cool people and organic baby food (they always have organic Peter rabbit pouches available)!!! Considering the fact, that you can find starbucks almost at any corner in the city, it’s kind of comfortable.
And by the way their cold brew is not that bad.


Subway. Yes, it’s messy and rats do really live there. But it really runs 24/7. And you can easily meet anybody there. People of all kinds and manners go underground. Because it’s simply the best way to get anywhere fast.
And, oh, if you happen to see a musician in one of the stations, be sure it’s, actually, a very good one. Because in order to get permission to play in NY underground you need to pass an audition.

People actually read in New York. They do. Books sell. Libraries work. Book shops open their doors for millions of people. And that’s what I love most.
You can get a book delivered for you from any library in the city. Any book. Paper book. That was read by hundreds. Was held by even more people. That feels incredible.
Personally my favorite place is McNally Jackson Books and their in store cafe.


pic from here

And much much more reasons I didn’t mention buy zovirax acyclovir cream today.

Every city has a reason to be loved.
But New York is a special blend of hope, despair and overwhelming love. Everything can be found on these streets.
It all depends on what you are searching for.


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