2 signs you’ve become a New Yorker

2 signs you’ve become a New Yorker

New York is quite unusual city. Firework city, flash city, vacation city.

You fell in love at first sight.

But after a few weeks, when euphoria is gone, the mad pace of life is driving you crazy.

All those constantly running late people, knocking you off your feet…

That’s how adaptation begins. City keeps you on tenderhooks. You can’t relax. It’s quite a long period. At least it was for me.

But one day, as I was sauntering through the China Town, all of a sudden, I felt so absolutely calm. When this buy abilify online city stops to piss you off — it the first sign! I think Times square buy ventolin asthma inhalers will do too. So if you want to test yourself, try the most crowded places in the city. 

Then I started to tell tourists from locals (but I guess it’s not so hard in China Town).

Actually, this skill comes a little later (like in 2-3 years).

I took the train on Grand Street. Horde of newyorkers brought me into the train. But all i felt — was tranquillity.

And I finally realised, this is my city.

I love you, New York!

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