2 convincing reasons to visit library book sales

Did you know that libraries all over the country sometimes sell out their books?


Most of them are in a very good condition. Some of them are even new!

Especially when it comes to kids books. Have you ever seen a child reading a book in the library? Well, it’s quite a rare occurrence. That’s why they almost never wear off. The average price hover around $1!

Great news for parents, huh? Especially for parents like myself. I love nice illustrated and interesting books and want my son to love them as well. I’m one of those who think that the book is the best present.  Valuable good quality edition of a book may cost you a small fortune. Luckily there are some ways to get good books cheaper.


Where you can find these awesome deals? On amazon of course. :) Or at the library, when they are holding a book sale event. Which is quite often, if you consider how many libraries are there in your city.

But how to find one? Well, first of all you can ask in your nearest library. And don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t done it yet. Second option is a website Book Sale Finder. Extremely useful website.

Library is a social network place now. They host a lot of events. Especially for kids. Check out your local library’s website for schedule. Here are the links for The New York Public library and Brooklyn Public Library!

By the way the way there is an upcoming event on Sheepsheadbay library tomorrow August 15.

Most of these awesome classes and lessons are absolutely free. So don’t hesitate. Seize the day, mommies!

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