10 best places to shoot selfie in NYC

I think we pass The Times Square and Brooklyn bridge. And move on to something more original and modern. Thank us later.

1. Top Of the Rock

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Forget the Empire State Building. Just trust us on this.

2. Brooklyn Heights promenade

The view is so damn good, that nobody can resist a temptation to make a few shoots.

3. Governors Island

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First of all – it has the best view on Manhattan. Second of all, whole streets of abandoned old school houses and an art exhibition. Plenty of places to knock your self out.

4. American Museum of Natural History

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As boring as it may sound, it actually is the best museum we’ve ever been so far. And the backgrounds you get…

Plus a nice bonus. When I feel like i’ve been cheating on my diet to hard, I go there to check my weight on the jupiter… Love it!

5. The Yankee Stadium

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This just has to be done! Seriously. Get that hotdog, a beer, you’ll work it out tomorrow in the gym.

6. The High Line park

And it’s view to Kobra’s street art. That guy is a genius, you know. 

7. Coney Island

Starting with the Wonder Wheel and ending with the beach. Every place is an ideal background.

8. Juliana’s Pizza

Even though, it’s less popular and touristic than say Grimaldi’s, it’s less crowded and much more appealing. And Tasty :)

9. NYC Subway

We all are well aware about rats and garbage. But you can’t beat the fact, that the best musicians can be met at NYC subway. 

10. Bosie Tea Parlor.

As iconic as the Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court, but cheaper. And much tastier.


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