Every mom’s dream humidifier

Despite the fact that the level of humidity in New York is too high, in winter we suffer from dry air in our apartments. And it’s a complete disaster, especially if you have kids.

I first heard of humidifiers right after Avi was born. This was a huge discovery for me. Babies really do cry because they feel discomfort when the air is too dry! Just imagine how unstable and vulnerable all their systems are. Especially pituitary membrane and eye mucosa.

What I learned from my experience: a high quality humidifier is a must have for every mom!

At first I had the Crane Drop humidifier.


It looks nice, it’s simple and cheap. But pretty soon I’ve faced a problem. You have to wash the device after every use. But the opening in the water tank is so small that there is no way to wash it from the inside! Which means that bacterial clumps can peacefully lead their lives there.


Every humidifier on the market had the same problem! Until this August!

Vicks presented a new product line. One of them definitely stands out. The Sweetdreams Cool Mist Humidifier.


What so special?

  • First of all the opening of the tank is large enough to slip your hand in and clean it! Hurray!
  • Projection feature with 9 very sweet images! Including the starry night! (Finally!!! No more glowing stars on your ceiling!!)

I was lucky to attend the presentation. Where I was even more lucky to meet the incredible creator of awesome, arty and cute pictures that are used for the projections! Lara told me how the idea was born. Her 4 year old son (who is now 13) wanted those glow in the dark stars on his ceiling. But the thing is, that they only glow for 5 minutes or so. So she invented these incredible projection themes. To make our motherhood easier! Thank you Lara!


Oh! There is one more MUST HAVE product from Vicks. (Oh Boy! Those Vicks guys are seriously trying to make us love them)

Their new Vicks Smart Temp Wireless Digital Thermometer is a catch! 

It connects to your iPhone! Finally! Special app saves the whole history and shows it in a very convenient way.


You can easily send it to your pediatrician, nanny or share with every family member. You can leave notes, reminders and alarms! OMG! Yay!

We are so excited about this feature! Especially my hubby!

Can’t wait to try it!!




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