Words we say! 3 things not to say to your kids

You can say a lot about a person if you got to know his first words. Pretty much everything actually.

For instance my first words were: “grandma”, “kaka” and “give me”. As my hubby would say: “give me – are still my fav words”. Right, babe?

Avi’s first word was “papa”. I assume, it’s because daddy is our personal superhero. How could it be any other word?

His second word was “no”. And that really disturbing. It means that I say “no” to him so often that he already started to say “no” to himself.

It looks funny, though.

But it made me think about all those words we say to our little ones. We don’t really pay enough attention to the words. But babies catch up everything immediately. Sticks and stones might brake bones, but there is nothing that can heart more than you parent’s words.

Thus, here is what I figured out. There are few expressions that we might reconsider using. And probably even try to avoid.

1. Sh-h-h!

Don’t ever sh-h-h on your child. Instead, EXPLAIN why there is an importance to maintain silence in this particular moment.

2. Don’t cry!

No no no! Kids cry to express their emotions. Yes, it might be a manipulative action, but still, they have to feel safe while expressing their emotions. Instead let them cry. Crying is a natural emotion.

3. Don’t ever compare your child with any other child.

Ouch! This hurts! Deeply and truly. Once my mom compared me to one of my classmates. Well, I still remember it. If you want your child to be better in something, just learn him to embrace that we all sometimes fail.

I know, this might be too hard, but try to remember yourself being a kid. Most likely, that you will make the same little mistakes you parents deed. So just try to recall what words hearted you. And avoid them!



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  • zhanna lazareva August 22, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    so true, we have to recondition our selves and be in the moment instead of the automatic responses we are used to having