Why it’s cool to have a house dad

Why it’s cool to have a house dad? Or at least a semi-house dad)

Our experience suggests that it’s nothing less then convenient. 

Like, when you need to move something heavy, he might be in handy ;)

Dads, I’m Joking! (I doubt, that dads really read this blog anyway. So we can continue saying all the ugly truth )

I’m here to show you, how beautiful it is, when dad can participate this much in upbringing of his child.

By the way, did you know, that in Sweden dads can have a maternity leave up to 480 days!!! Nice to live in Europe… )

We are very lucky. Because our daddy has time to stay at home with Avi.

And what happens, when they spend time together is unbelievable.

If you have a son.

First of all, for a boy, buy xanax g3722 being held by a man is, actually, very profitable. Why? Well, because men have even different heart rate (different than women). Babies are very sensitive to this kind of stuff.

Father gives an example. Example of communication. So it will simply save your time. You wouldn’t spend time to can i buy zyrtec in canada explain your child how he should respond. He’ll see how daddy does it.

Why it's cool to have a house dad?

They do boys stuff together. There are things, that you simply can’t do. Because you are a woman.
And spying on them is absolutely priceless)


I’ll never give up spying on them. Not for all the tea in China!

And if you have a daughter, it’s yet more beneficial. Having a real alive illustration of interaction between man and woman. So be loving and tender to each other) that’s my favorite part




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