Why do we really care about our children

Having a baby is a miracle. And it will change your life for ever and blah blah blah.

Though, we talked about it like hundred times already.
What we didn’t discuss yet, is what really is that change that makes us care about other person, for real.
Human perception is based on it’s 5 senses. Everything we feel comes from our personal experience. Everything comes from the inside. Basically, the whole world, that we see is a result of our imagination. But let’s not dig too deep into philosophical matters.
To cut a long story short, we are prisoners of our personal perception.
But, when baby comes into your life, or rather, when baby literary comes out of you into life, everything changes.
Part of you starts to exist outside of your borders. And this gives you some new options of perception. Mother and her baby – definitely have a strong connection that can’t be denied.

But just imagine, there is part of you, that is completely out of your control.
When I put it like this, it’s kind of scary even for me. )
Something that is out of your control, but still is considered to be a part of you, makes you really care for somebody else, but you. And that’s quite an achievement.
And believe me, that’s worth experiencing.

Do you remember, while you were still a child yourself, how your parents seem to be overprotective? Or overreacting on things like your first college party.

Now you know why it happened with them and why it’s going to happen with you too. Children, being emotionally perceived like part of your own body, but physically being absolutely separate and independent organism, create in your mind a desire to totally control them.

But to put it simply, like parents, we just have to transfer our desire to control into love. Cause it appears that love, is the only thing that will help us to remain what we are. United. Nor control or restrictions.

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