Why bringing up with love

Why bringing up with love.

There was a research made in France (I guess, I don’t really remember where I read it), that says that you have to cuddle your baby at least 32 times a day. Actually it was said, that this applies not only to babies. Every human in order to feel loved, has to be cuddled and hugged 32 times per day.
When was the last time you hugged your hubby? 
So go and do it before you continue reading!

Did you know that
Love and positive attitude work much more effective than punishment. 
Because positive emotions stay in our memory.

Negative emotions and experiences vanish with time.

Of course, this doesn’t exclude rules. But instead of waiting your child to misbehave and punishing him/her, praise him/her for following the rules.

There are two basic reasons why children misbehave. 
1. When they are in need of attention
2. When they misunderstood your rules

The first reason is more common. So most likely, you’ll see the difference if your child will get enough of your attention.

The second reason is more complicated and harder to notice. But a solution sounds simple. You just have to obey your own rules. That’s it. But it doesn’t mean that it will work right away. It will, but in time. As I said before, child needs 21-day to form a habit. Thus, arm yourself with patience.

Anyway, love covers all transgressions. Love and patience.
Well, I’m going to go and hug my boys.

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