When a man becomes a dad!

What changes when a man becomes a dad? We can only imagine.

Let’s hear from dads themselves.


Can’t really describe what it’s like to be a father. Simply because it takes time to realize this prestigious title. I’ve always dreamt about having a son, but never realized how in reality it will change my life.
Here are few facts I have experienced with a natural help from my beloved son Abraham:

1) Being father is a responsibility! 
You should be strong no matter how much he poops, pees or throws out on you ))

2) Good example! 
Believe it or not, however, all the things I do little Avi tries to copy, even though I don’t notice it sometimes. It means watching your manners, language and many other behavioral specialties;

3) Take a baby as a grown up. 
This seems simple, albeit very challenging in the same time. Sometimes I automatically play with Avi as if he’s an unconscious baby, then simoltaniously speak with him about laws of nature and he understands!

4) Patience and endurance. 
Of course, in combination with lots of love, joy and happiness, baby brings additional worries. Unlike mothers, we are less sustainable to crying, whining and other mindblowing reactions of newborn creatures. So, above all, it’s important to trust each other, support your partner and don’t interfere where you’re useless.

5) Don’t stop learning! 
Despite tons of literature, you may have read about being parents, live experience always endeavors you to learn more about what you do. I think there’s no perfect example, only method of trial and error may lead you to your private magic formula.


Konstantin Kogan, young dad.

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