What type of mom are you?

What type of mom are you?

I have a lot of mommies around. And I’ve noticed, that all of us have certain patterns of behavior. And it’s not bad, it’s just funny. So don’t take it serious. But be honest, and tell us what type of mom are you.
1. The all organic mom.

Gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free and everything free. She won’t let her kids eat anywhere but at home.
She buys all natural everything. Her clothes are made of 100% cotton. After 10 minutes talk with her, you start thinking Toxins, GMOs and chemicals are everywhere. And, actually they are.) I guess that’s my type of mom. At least you can let your child stay at our houses without being worried, that he/she can eat smth bad. Here even play dough and laundry detergent is homemade and organic.
2. The yoga mom
She is calm and relaxed. No rush. She prefers to have a sleep at her child’s daytime nap. She doesn’t argue, doesn’t scream. She eats shakes and smoothies, protein bars and raw vegetables.
She lets her child make his own decisions. So if he sticks a finger in get cymbalta out your system your child’s eye, you’ll have to go and handle it yourself because she is in «nirvana» right now.
3. The Pinterest mom.
Her kids are always dressed to perfection. They never stain their clothes! And if they do, she always has a spare outfit (and it’s perfectly styled too). She bakes perfect cakes and makes marvelous crafts. And she looks gorgeous herself too. It seems like nothing can affect her beauty.
4. The “My kids are gifted and going to Harvard» mom.
Her kids are her work. She drives them all over the city for different classes. Art, chess, music, literature. She is always up-to-date on new approaches get cymbalta out your system in education and tutoring and experimental classes. Her 3-year-old son is already keen enough to beat you at chess and her 10-year-old daughter is planning to be a part of an expedition to Mars.
5. The working mom.
Might be also known as «independent mom» or «I have my own life» mom.
She is always on the phone. She even has a hands-free device. How many times have you thought she was talking to you and she was talking to somebody on the phone?
She wants everybody to know how happy her life is! Despite the fact she has kids, she attends all parties and events. You can find plenty of vacation photos on her social media.
There’s a good thing she is your friend. Once in a while she can inspire you to get a babysitter and spend some time for yourself.
6. The «5 kids mom».
Her day starts at 5, she has no free time, she has no time for herself, she needs massage and vacation. But she doesn’t need your help, she is still able to do it all! She is «different» and she reminds it to you in every conversation.
P.S. Moms sometimes really need a break from whatever type they are.) And just hang out with friends.
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