What is platonic parenting


First of all, let us clarify what is parenting. I mean theoretically.

Parenting is the process of supporting physical, social, emotional, financial and logical development of a child from newborn to adulthood.

If we put it this way, parenting refers to the phase of raising a child aside from biological relationship. The most common care taker of the child will be their biological parents. But within this definition this role might adopt an older sibling, grandparents, aunt, uncle, legal guardians, other family members or friends. Many children in the orphanages will receive parental care from non-parent blood relations. Some children may be adopted legally from the orphanages and parental care will be given by strangers.

But parenting is more than that. It’s love. affection, dependency and deep attachment.


With rapidly growing rates of divorces in modern world, theoretical aspect of parenting is becoming more and more important. Thus, new types of parenting appear. Like Platonic Parenting.

So what is Platonic Parenting. 

It is the modern form of parenting that seems to be growing.

Platonic parenting range from two people partnering up specifically to have children and married couple who dissolve their relationship but remain together for their children sake. For some people it is difficult to stay in relationship but they see good order xanax bars online qualities in one another and they will support one another and be like a family for the happiness of their child.

Platonic parenting is becoming an alternative for the married couples which lead to divorce. Some platonic parenting relationships keep their unbiological parents in picture. Platonic marriage or the platonic parenting means that parents remain married and live in same house but their relationship has no romantic element normally associated with the marriage. In platonic marriage the assets most likely will not be divided even after the divorce.

  • Each person should make financial contribution to the household.
  • Each person has to make financial support to one another.
  • No relationship will be handled.

Some people tend to think that platonic parenting can confuse children or even be a torture for the whole family. But in our opinion it is a great alternative to a nasty divorce.

One our friends had lived a long married life and raised 3 kids while being in platonic marriage. And both her and her husband never regretted this decision. The kids are emotionally healthy and happy people. And they are grateful. All of them remain grain friends till this day. Even though the kids already have their own kids.


Photo by Steinar La Engeland

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