Warning! Babies on the beach!

Warning! Babies on the beach!

Beach season is coming. And kids have special behavior by the shore they have special behavior everywhere.
So, young mommies, are you ready?
What so special will happen?
Your baby will eat sand. Face it, embrace it. This will happen. That’s how our dear babies learn more about things that surround them. There are much more receptors located on our tongues. That’s why our little ones want to try everything! And there is no known way you can avoid it.

Except, probably, if you won’t go to the beach at all.

But, here comes our special tip.

You can’t forbid cognition. So there is no point in stopping your child every time he/she is about to have a bite of delicious sand cake. What you can do is distract your baby. Every time you see the trouble coming, just create a distraction. Pour fistful of sand on baby’s feet or smth like that. Just make sure it’s somehow connected to the sand.

It will click baby’s attention to another feature of the object. And your baby will keep on exploring this feature, instead of being focused on the taste.

Be strong and calm, mommies. Summer is just about to start in NYC.

P.S. Make sure you avoid messy beaches.


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