Toys & Trends We Love: VTECH Write & Learn Creative Center

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TOYS & TRENDS WE LOVE: VTECH Write & Learn Creative Center

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The holidays have arrived! For some of us that means more than just the chaos of gift shopping. Holiday travel can cause some serious anxiety! Just thinking about traveling for 4-5 hours alone with my child  in the craziness of this season makes me want to pour a large glass of wine. However, yesterday that is exactly what I did – traveled with my four year old. (It took more like 7 hours with delays, but also included a glass of wine, thanks to Amtrak.)

My son, like most kids his age who have just started school, thinks learning is the BEST! Our IPad has always been a great tool we have utilized since he was young. Before having children, I was one of those “NO TV OR IPAD FOR MY KIDS” type person. I repeat “before having children.” Now on Saturdays, when he wants to wake up at the crack of dawn and I will do anything to stay in bed for another hour, TV and iPad time it is! The one great thing about it, too, is that we regulate what he watches and plays with, by downloading pre-approved apps. We do this with little argument, since he loves learning to spell, read, write and draw.

Our son has used various apps to help practice identifying letters, numbers, shapes, and begin writing. However, the one problem we quickly found with these easy go to applications, is that the writing relied more heavily on using the tip of his finger. And rightfully so, because if I ever saw a crayon or marker go near the iPad, I’d have a heart attack. Now that he is in Pre-K, fine motor skills and writing are routinely a part of his every school day. I quickly xanax sold online learned as a parent that he needed to strengthen his grip, enforcing writing with a utensil instead of with a finger.


VTECH Write and Learn Creative Center is probably one of my favorite interactive learning tools we have had our son use since becoming a preschooler. He chooses what he wants to learn, write, or draw. I mean look at how proud he was when he drew his first apple! The whole train knew how proud he was. While he has mastered all his uppercase letters, lowercase is a whole other story. However, this device helps take him step-by-step in writing. The letter shows up on the small screen at the top and then shows him how to write it. Then it goes through it again so he may follow along. This entertained him for over two hours!


Our son is also very musically influenced in his life. (His name is Vedder, after all.) Another great component of this learning tool is that it’s not all learning; it inspires creation. There is a button where you can just draw while music plays! After writing and drawing, the board can be turned off and you can just play games like tic-tac-toe, which is exactly what we did!

My favorite part of traveling with this, even though it is large, the volume controls are PERFECT! Usually with these toys that is not the case – there is either LOUD or mute. Not for Vtech! Even on the louder setting, I did not feel like we were disturbing other travelers.

After first exploring this item yesterday, we have found so many new components, including stencils that easily store underneath. This is a toy that will be traveling with us for a while. I would absolutely recommend VTECH Write & Learn Creative Center for your preschooler!

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