Total recall. Consumer product recalls made easy

How many items have you ever sent back due to a recall? Have you ever done it at all?

900 million products were recalled last year. 900 million! Strollers, shampoos, backpacks and even toothbrushes sometimes contain harmful chemicals or aren’t simply made properly.

Unless some brand is crazy enough to send you a personal email saying:

“Hey, we sold you a bad product! Sorry! Now we will replace it with a new one or send you your money back. Oh and we hope you’ll ignore this letter”

Best case scenario – it just gets into spam. And if lucky, you’ll never know that there was something wrong with a product. Or it will stop working, and you’ll just have to buy a new one. Without knowing, that you could have gotten your money back.

The only way stay updated (up until now) was to constantly check websites like

Being a mother, usually means no time for internet surfing. Yet you still have more than 1000 items in your household. And you can’t monitor all of them. You can’t really monitor any of them!

But this new program can.

Bonnie – must have for every parent!

Bonnie is an extremely useful must register service for parents.

When it comes to kids, recalls are not just a hassle. A defective product can actually be dangerous and result in a serious injury. And that’s definitely one of every parents’ worst nightmares.

Bonnie automatically monitors all purchases and scans for recalled products. And not just that. Instead of simply notifying you about the certain product. It gives you a step by step instructions on how to proceed.

Oh yeah, and it’s FREE! No jokes.

How does it work

Sign up with your email. Bonnie will monitor your past and future purchases for products that have been recalled. If Bonnie finds something – you’ll get a notification on your email. Along with a very clear instruction.


If you’re not ready to register just yet (even though I can’t see a reason you wouldn’t), you can go and check out their extremely informative blog. Start with the Biggest Recalls of 2017. 



Britax recalls Motion Strollers with Click & Go receivers.

Hazard: A damaged receiver mount on the stroller can cause the car seat to disengage and fall unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard to infants in the car seat.
Remedy: Repair
Recall date: February 16, 2017
Recall number: 17-088

Skip Hop Recalls Nightlight Soothers Due to Shock Hazard

Hazard: The soother’s USB wall power adapter can break, posing an electrical shock hazard.
Remedy: Repair
Recall date: September 28, 2017
Recall number: 17-235

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