Top 5 must have mommy gadgets

Being a mother can be extremely tough. But today all the work could be made easier with the little help of technology. Thanks God we live in a highly developed society. All those tiny gadgets can make you some extra time for your kids (or yourself).

MadMamaNYC made a top 5 of absolutely essential must have mommy gadgets!

1. Verilux CleanWave VH03WW4 UV-C Sanitizing Travel Wand


Portable, relatively cheap (comparing to other brands) and incredibly essential. Just imagine how much it can do for you! Sanitizing toys and even clothes won’t require hours anymore. Few minutes and you’re done! How about sanitizing on the go? You bet! Pacifier on the floor is not a problem anymore.

2. The Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker ICE-45C


Is it really necessary to explain why you need this awesome machine! Healthy dozen yogurt, homemade sugar free Ice-creams easy as 1 2 3! Does this ring a bell? No? Ok. How about all that money you will save  from Yoberry and Red Mango. You need this thing, trust me!

3. Everpurse


Mommies! This is a revolution! This purse charges your phone! No more missed important calls, because your kids used all the power. I need that!

4. Zoli Baby Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer


I have always had problems with my son’s nails. He is too active, so clipping his nails without hearing him is a huge challenge. Zoli made my life sooooo easy now!

5. Upright


The UpRight device is a new intuitive wearable that trains you to sit upright. Just what I need after pregnancy! I’ve tried a lot of corsets and body jackets. But nothing helped. But this thing seems to work.
It’s attached to your lower back and acts like your personal trainer; it will vibrate every time you slouch, as a reminder to sit straight. The best thing is that you only have to wear it 15 minutes a day and connect it to the Upright app on your smartphone. The App keeps a tab on your progress and gives you access to a training program to improve your posture. 

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