Top 5 mommy life hacks

As I have already mentioned one hundred times before, motherhood is quite a journey. Believe me, it can be a happy journey, there is no need to struggle. That’s why MadMamaNYC composed top 5 mommy life hacks that will help you to make your motherhood as happy as possible. Everything depends on you after all.

  1. Kids – are some kind of special pleasure for parents. And for their siblings as well. Make sure to remind it yourself everyday. Learning to enjoy every second of motherhood is vital! Even if you are dealing with a poopy diaper or doing dishes, focus on happiness. top-5-mommy-life-hacks
  2. If you want to interrupt, help, comment on whatever your child is doing – don’t. Wait. Smile. Or even better, pretend to see nothing. Let your kids deal with what they are doing on their own. top-5-mommy-life-hacks
  3. If you are yelling at your kids – you lost control, you lost control, because you are tired. Stop immediately and have some rest. This type of communication can never lead to something good. Yelling and crying and shouting puts a lot of pressure on every participant of your family. Pressure leads to stress. Stress leads to deeper conflicts. It’s a vicious circle. Have some rest and you’ll see how easily your perception of the situation will change. 
  4. It’s not important what, but it is important HOW. This philosophy is good for both you and your kids lifestyles. After all, no matter what you do, you might not reach your final destination, though the process itself can bring you more happiness. top-5-mommy-life-hacks
  5. Calm and rested mommy is more important than swiped floor, clean dishes, fancy dinner or laundry. Trust me, nobody will notice bread crumbs on the floor. But they will notice crazy mommy, that didn’t have enough sleep. Quality time with your man is a great option of rest as well ;)


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