Top 5 best gifts for new mom

Top 5 best gifts for new mom

or What does every new mom REALLY need!

Let’s be realistic for a little bit. I mean, let’s forget about onesies and diaper cakes. And look deeper into every mom’s most secret part of the soul.

1. Coffee

Yep. What can I say. That’s true. For the first 3 months after birth, my daily coffee intake increased dramatically.

So be a cutie and get a Starbucks gift card for your friend’s baby shower. Can’t guarantee she’ll appreciate it at once. You’ll probably have to wait until she gives birth.

2. Wine

Once again, this gift won’t be on a hit list at first. But give it some time… So be patient and get your friend a wine club membership. And prepare to be the best friend ever. In a while, though.

3. Spa day

Yeah. This is actually a key-piont of the vital importance. Vital! I mean it!

4. Baby free day

Either you find a great babysitter of offer to babysit yourself (as long as you know what does it mean to babysit a newborn). This would be the best gift you could probably offer to your crazy sleep deprived and exhausted friend. Most likely, she’ll just crush on a couch in your place and sleep 8 hours straight. There were days when I would kill for this opportunity.

5. Dry shampoo and co.

It’s kind of hard to face the ugly truth. That you won;t be able to shower as much as you used to… So spare your friend some hard decisions and get these super helpful beauty products.

  • dry shampoo
  • cooling eye mask
  • BB cream




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