Top 3 ultimate tips for moms of toddlers

Your child is not an infant anymore. Congrats! He is now more keen and can get himself in even more trouble! More fun is coming your way! That’s why MadMamaNYC decided to compose this top 3 ultimate tips for moms of toddlers, that will dramatically improve your life.

Before you start reading, yes – toddlers are that active and insecure. By the way, have you baby proofed your house? Oh, really? Well, buckle up, now you need to toddler proof it once again! And this time it will involve locks on every cabinet and a lot of patience.


  1. Freeze the stuffy! Seriously! My son’s favorite toy is an owl stuffed with lavender and rice. I can’t wash it. Avi takes it everywhere. Playground, subway… Should I say how desperately it needs to be cleaned? Low temperature as well as high temperature kills bacterias and viruses. Just put the toy in the freezer and let it sit overnight. Done. Top 3 ultimate tips for moms of toddlers
  2. Create a personal space for your toddler. When toddlers are throwing tantrums, they actually don’t mean it to piss you off. It is a huge world filled with so many exciting things. Sometimes they just feel a little overwhelmed and tired. They need a reboot. But they don’t know how to do it. Creating a personal space for your little one will help him to cope with tantrums. Create a cocoon or a cave like space by throwing blankets on the chair or table and let your child climb in. Blocking out the stimulation will calm him down in minutes.Top 3 ultimate tips for moms of toddlers
  3. Go backwards. Some toddlers are so active that they tear off their pajamas at night. One of my friends got so tired of it, that she started to simply put on her kid’s footless onesies backwards. Simple and classy ;) Or you can also baby proof your two piece pajamas

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