Top 3 New York Baby Show Must Haves you will want to buy

Every New York mom-to-be knows about the NYC Baby Show.

I mean, after all it is the best place to try out and discover the newest and craziest products.

You can touch, try on, take for a ride or ask any possible question prior to buying. And when you finally decide to but, you’ll most like get at lest a 20% discount. On even the most trendy products.

Well don’t be upset if you already missed it. We’re here for you with the best picks from the show.

We carefully ask the most important questions and filmed the results.

You’re welcome!



SNOO is been a blast for the last couple of months. You’ve definitely seen it scrolling your Facebook.

But what is it?

It looks like a bassinet or an infant crib. But, it’s actually a piece of a very smart and sophisticated technology.

Designed and created by THE Dr. Harvey Karp himself, it’s an amazing lifesaving smart sleeper.

What does it do?

It gently rocks your baby while, also providing the softest white noise ever. It doesn’t just constantly work. It automatically turns on when your little one starts crying. And it automatically stops when the baby is calm or after 5 minutes of crying. Because if your baby needs to be fed, he needs to be fed. Duh…

Just to be clear. SNOO is in that price range of products, I’d usually never recommend. But, with a slight difference. When you actually make a calculation (that Dr. Karp makes on the video) you end up understanding, that it’s an investment, that will save you more money on a long run.


2. Evenflo Pivot travel system

Well Evenflo decided to dazzle us this year. Instead of getting overboard with cool designs and making us to pay for luxury. They created a very practical, high quality and smartly priced product!

What is it?

It is a travel system. Meaning it includes: 3 reversible modes (including infant bassinet) and a car seat too.

How do you like that?

3. MonBaby

We all have had that experience of waking up 1000 times per night even if your baby is sleeping. Just because he is so tiny and fragile and little! Is he breathing? Is he ok?

Yeah, most of the time these are just our crazy hormonal concerns. But sometimes, SIDS is a real thing.

So baby products like MonBaby, that monitor your child’s sleeping activity can be a real help and peace of mind.

What is it?

It’s a breathing and rollover monitor for infants. A smart button that can be conveniently placed on anything your baby is wearing. Even a diaper.

Why do I like it so much? Well, because it costs less than other similar baby monitors on the market. A lot less! It retails for $99.99!

Unlike another pretty famous and highly advertised brand, that goes for $299.99


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