Three easy steps for your children to help you declutter

(This is a recent picture of my son’s room. #noshame)


Growing up my room was constantly messy. Who am I kidding? My room is still constantly messy. However, every three or so months I go through these cheap plavix 75 mg crazy binge cleaning moments in which I fight the urge to just throw away everything in our apartment. Especially since most of it are things that our four year old has somehow accumulated. How can one tiny person have so many things?!

“Pick up your room. Put this away. Put that away. A hockey net does not belong in the kitchen.”

While I hear myself say these things repeatedly every day, I also hear my mother in my head, “Put it away, give it away, or throw it away.” That was her motto for cleaning. And it totally works! There are only three categories that items need to go in.



Is it regularly used? Is it needed or cherished? Where exactly does it belong? If these questions can be easily answered, “I use it every day and it belongs in the second shelf,” then Put It Away!


Items that fall into this category can be loved, but not necessarily regularly used items anymore. Those blocks that have built castles and helped us go on adventures haven’t been touched in eight months. It may be time for them to move on to another home. Online thrift sites or donation xanax online purchase canada sites are great for these items.

This is actually my favorite category because it opens the conversation of giving. Items that may have brought so many memories and seem to be a sentimental keep, may not have a space anymore in the home (especially if you live in a small NYC apartment like our family). Giving them away offers a great opportunity for another child to create more memories. We like to especially do this kind of toy purge in our home before birthdays and Christmas.


While this is sort of a self-explained category, it is hard to decide what actually gets thrown away. Broken toys (that absolutely cannot be fixed), missing pieces, and then those miscellaneous items that you have no clue where they belong or even where they came from, tend to be candidates for this category.


When we do this together, parents and kids, we literally create two piles: Give & Throw. Items in the first group just get put away. The great thing about this is we get to see how much bigger our Give pile is than Throw. We package up everything and pick a day to donate to our local thrift store or donation drive. I also recommend looking for a Facebook or online group for “preloved” items. These groups are usually neighborhood or area based, where you can buy and sell used items.


Happy cleaning!

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