This is how you bring family movie nights back


Do you remember our childhood? We used to have family movie nights. That was a time when internet wasn’t that popular. We didn’t have youtube, thanks God! And you had to actually go and rent a movie on VHS, bring it home and wait until everybody returns from work or school. And only after dinner the magic would start.

The other thing is now. Almost every person in your household has it’s own account on Netflix. Which makes television a much less unifying thing. But when it comes to the movie night out – it’s still totally different thing, right? What makes it so special? Bigger screen – bigger impressions?

Ok. Here is the plan! This is how you bring family movie nights back

How about a movie night out at a convenience of your own home?

Triggering all those cheap real xanax online magical memories of our forgotten childhood. And bringing back the love for the family movie night.

If you are a parent, then

CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector

is definitely a must have!

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CINEMOOD is a cloud-connected projector and travel companion, that is extremely friendly to use.
Even kids can handle it easily.

And it also comes with carefully selected library of audio books and movies. Just in case.

Add a sprinkle of magic to a sleepover, a birthday party or a simple family getaway.

Or just walk down a memory lane and see the different angle of your family trips and celebrations. Your child’s first word, first piano concert or New Year’s eve…

Bringing families together is not that hard after all. ;)




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