The whole world in your Pockit!

The whole world in your Pockit!

Behold, mommies!

Finally we got to review the famous Pockit!

A flawless Creation of GB (good baby).

So, what’s new?

It’s lightweight! Only 9.5 pounds. Like really! You can carry it in one hand and a baby in another hand. And still feel like a normal person.

It folds to a really small thing. When I say small, I mean it’s as small as a MacBook. Not that thin though.


But I’m sure guys from GB are working on it right now! Or may be they want to make it a size of an iPhone.

It’s also very easy to fold and unfold. It’s very mechanical. So no hidden buttons and stuff. Simple!

Unlike any umbrella stroller, Pockit provides pretty great back support. And Even if it seems a little unsteady – you’ll be surprised how amazingly good it navigates!

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GB Pockit is perfect for little city explorers and their parents.

Absolutely irreplaceable for travel addicts!

And Essential for Big City moms!


This stroller is perfect for traveling. It easily fits into an over-packed car, qualifies for cabin luggage and transforms into a handy bag.
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