The smarter generation

Our children are smarter than we think.

They are definitely smarter than we were at their age.

Just imagine, how much information they get during the day?
When we were little we had just books and TV. Though, TV was totally under control of our parents.
So we mostly had books.
And modern kids during one day see and hear more than we saw and heard during one year!
They start to walk and speak earlier than we did. They know how to operate your iPhone or iPad earlier than they start to talk.
That, actually, scares me a bit.

We have to face it, they are smarter generation.

My friend’s 2y.o. daughter calls me at least few times a week. And she knows what she’s doing. She knows which number is mine! That’s totally amazing!
They are talented, gifted and keen enough to act wiser. Sometimes it seems like this generation got our experience. I mean, they were just born with it.
They already know, that in order to succeed in anything, they need to be a team.

They learn quickly and easy.


Even the things, that we can’t teach them. Because we simply don’t know

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