The ninth month.

I spent most of my time wandering around the town. I tried to walk as much as possible. I surprised everybody by footslogging 10 miles a day. I could cook dinner for 50 people and hand around the store for 4 hours. Suddenly, at the beginning of the ninth month, I was shattered. I could not stand on my feet for more than an hour. As soon as walked a little more than 500 feet – I immediately felt dizzy. Belly had grown to it’s final point. But there was an obvious advantage – belly finally became so nice that I started to like myself. Whether from the fact that I could not go anywhere, or from the fact that I started to like myself incredibly, I started to spend a lot of time just looking in the glass. My legs were gummy, so rest of the time I spent with my legs over my head. I had some breaks for food though.

I had buy prozac online cheap a feeling that it will never end.

Well. I was right. The ninth month – is just a beginning.

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