The key to understanding your parents

Becoming a parent changes your status. You can become a wife(husband), convert (sounds awkward) from single to married. But we will forever remain daughters (sons). Nothing can change that.

Have you ever thought how we, actually, love our parents?

Much less than they love us.
I’ve realized this fact only when our son was born.
Who would have known, that the best and only key to full understanding between you and your parents, is having a child of your own?
I look in Avi’s eyes and I see the world. I would give my life for him without any second thoughts.
I’ll do anything. And that’s beyond questioning.
So will my parents for me.
But my love for them is different. My love for them is about receiving, about getting something. And that’s natural. I’ve been receiving their care and help for all of my life.
Only now, when I’m facing motherhood myself, I started to understand. I started to question myself, what did my mom feel.

Did she feel the same as I do now?

Did she cry as many times? When she was worried. When she was happy. When she first saw me. When she first held me.
Did she watch me sleeping? Like I watch Avi sleeping. Even if I’m exhausted and tired. Only one look at this little angel makes all the problems vanish.
 The key to understanding your parents
I feel like my heart is breaking, when Avi cries. Did she feel the same?
After the very first moment I saw our son, I realized how far I am from perfect. Every day I have doubts. Am I doing everything right? Am I making him happy?
How hard and unbelievably emotional life of a mother is. I have never noticed, what she was going through. Now, when buy diflucan canada I know, I have only one question:

Am I a good daughter?

It takes a lot of practice and patience to be buy diflucan canada a good parent. But it takes years only to understand, what does it mean to be a good child.
My mom with our her grandson
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