The house where baby lives

The house that Jack built where baby lives is not the same house you lived alone anymore.

Everything appears to be dangerous! Hazardous! And totally unsafe!

Danger every step of the way.

Tv stand can fall in the living room. Night stand can fall in the bedroom. Kitchen is a total mess. Something can fall from the counter top right on the baby’s head. Bathroom… is a torture chamber.

Not to mention those socks under the bed, that your hubby systematically forgets to put into the linen basket. Or cables and cords. OMG! Cables and cords!!!

Anything you drop on the floor is potential threat. Everything, that is in your child’s arm reach is a potential threat. Well, actually, everything is a potential threat.

But did you know, how dangerous your home will be for you? Have you ever heard of it? No? Huh!

That’s because it’s possibly the most well kept secret ever. (laughs)

And I’m going to reveal it to you.

Do you know what is this? A toy? No no. This is a torture machine. When you step on it bare foot at night…

the house where the baby lives

And what about this?


Just imagine. Evening, you are so tired and preparing to dive into your cozy bed… and here it is! Ouch!)

And now, the most dangerous part is coming. Diapers! Used diapers! It’s a chemical weapon. Dirty bomb.

It seems like the only place of possible peaceful solitude is bathroom. So naive of you to think this way. Because it’s hardly so. We have one of those cute toys, that sing songs once you push the button. Once, I was having a nice relaxing bath and somehow pushed the button on that evil thing… I could have drowned. It’s so spontaneous! Now I know why Avi tries to send it to the bottom every eve.




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