The best stroller ever made for adventurers

Moms keep on asking me about our stroller.

Thus we decided to write a quick review.

First of all, we didn’t have it from the very beginning. For his first 4 month we had bugaboo. Which was very big solid. But extremely heavy. And absolutely uncomfortable to fold and unfold. Every bus ride vas a complete hell for me. I needed at least one person to assist me to fold the stroller. And it was dramatically heavy.

Anyway, that just wasn’t my thing. 

I started to search a web for a lightweight, easy fold and good looking stroller. In other words I was searching for perfection.

I need something that will be light and comfortable enough to carry with one hand, while carrying the baby in another hand.

There were options. Like City mini. But this mommy is very picky. Especially when it comes to exterior.

City mini

City mini is lightweight too. Just 3.8 pound heavier than Nano. It’s obvious advantage is a huge canopy. Unlike Nano, which has a very little canopy and you’d definitely will have to but their all weather kit (like I did). Another plus is a specious basket. But I simply don’t like the way it looks.


Mountain buggy nano

So, let me clarify it first. I’m in love with this stroller. Even, though, it has some disadvantages. But pluses totally outweigh minuses.

We’ll start from the minuses.

– small canopy. As our son is not a fan of the sun, we kind of suffered until I bought the all weather kit. Or they also have a parasol.

– small wheels. This is not a big deal, actually. But you wouldn’t be able to ride it on the beach or during the snow storm (we do have it occasionally in New York).

– small basket. Well, it’s not very small, but you’ll need to buy hooks or stroller organizer.

That’s it pretty much.

Now the advantages.

– the lightest stroller I’ve ever seen so far. I can carry it like a bag, while I have a baby and a bag full of stuff in another hand.

– Super easy to operate with one hand. I can talk on the phone or have my morning coffee, while I’m walking with the stroller.

It can actually climb stairs. I don’t know how they did it, but all you need is to understand how it works.

As they say on the website:

Outstanding curb pop

Never underestimate the power of curb pop! Cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution for optimized performance, nano stroller’s ultra lightweight handling allows you to ‘pop’ the front wheels up for curb hopping on your travels.


Oh! And yes, the best thing is, that you can always find it cheaper on ebay) Like we did.

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