The 8 Hour Playdate With Vicks Vaporub

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Vicks® VapoRub™ hosted an 8-hour playdate last month in gorgeous Recess in Dumbo. Just to remind us that the vapors can last up to 8 hours to soothe your kid’s cough. And that’s a lot I mean, we couldn’t last more than 2 hours on a playdate

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The playdate was educational, too. As we learned, we can’t really eliminate germs. Or prevent kids from spreading germs. Especially in such public areas like kids’ gyms or even daycare. But we do need to teach our kids some basic hygiene rules.

vicks vaporub

Just a cute tip to make your daily routine easier and more joyful.

We all know that we need to wash our hands often during the day. But what we sometimes forget is how long does it take for soap and water to kill germs on our hands. 20 seconds! Yep.

It’s a little bit hard for a kid (especially toddler) to wrap his mind around a concept of time. Thus, just ask him to sing “Happy Birthday” 2 times while washing hands.

We’ll do just about anything to keep our children healthy. But we can’t be on top of everything. So sometimes they get sick. And desperate times call for trusted remedies.

I can’t remember a household with kids that didn’t have Vicks® VapoRub™ in it. It’s as necessary as wet wipes and diapers. It’s something we assume every mom has and that’s why we won’t even talk about it. Like, of course you have it! Duh!

vicks vaporub

The iconic blue bottle and signature smell have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Oh those cozy winter days when my mom would let me stay at home, because I was getting kind of sick. The menthol smell is in those memories. Our parents would use it to ease congested chests, to suppress cough and to calm muscle aches, instead of the tons of medications we are offered (and unfortunately – use) nowadays.

As a parent, I’m opting for this trusted remedy. Tested for over 100 years!

So here I am, just reminding you about Vicks® VapoRub™. Before your hand reaches for something less tried and true.

Stay healthy!


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