How to survive childbirth

I got pretty tired by the end of the day. I bet that everybody would. We walked all the way from SoHo to Central Park. After we got home, I climbed stairs to my room and was about to enjoy next portion of mama movie. And there it was. The sound I’ll never forget.

Something exploded inside me. It was very loud. Like if you sit on the balloon. That made me wary, so I decided to get up and walk around. Just to check. Very reasonable questions started to appear in my head. Like, WHY nobody ever warned me, that waters break so shockingly loud and dramatically?

Amount of questions grew in geometrical progression. By the time, I went downstairs «what to do» questions outgrew «why» questions.

As you probably can imagine, I had a plan. And as it did not included any of spontaneity and surprises, I decided to calm down. As they say, keep calm and give birth. I woke my husband up and in 2 minutes we were racing to the hospital. All of my breathers suddenly became so useless. Every minute I felt a contraction. It was so out of my plan! So I lost my courage. Well, honestly, I didn’t actually realized that I was having contractions. I just had terrible pain in my back. I wouldn’t even understood what was happening to me, if water didn’t broke. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was the H-hour! The moment I’ve been preparing for so long.

Finally, we reached the hospital. I walked absolutely heroically to the third floor and claimed: «I’m about to give birth!». Nurse automatically responded without even looking at me: «yes, that’s what they do here».

It’s almost blank after. I remember only my husbands eyes. And a strange thought, that if I count the pushes, it will distract me from pain. Somehow I was sure, that giving birth — is a long process. But I hardly had time to count till 4. Then somewhere really close I heard a baby crying. Only few minutes later, when he was peacefully lying on my chest, I realized that it wasn’t just A BABY, it was MY BABY!

I was really horrified by childbirth process. But, to tell you the truth, the scariest thing that happened — was that, everything went against my plan.


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